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  • Audit of the brand and positioning

  • Complete analysis (DIP, contracts, brochures...)

  • Recruitment of Franchisees

  • Digital presence of your brand for recruitment

  • Mise en relation avec un réseau local d'experts (emplacement, création de société, fiduciaire, financement...)

What we can do for you

Better understanding of Swiss market issues

The Swiss market has its own specificities that it is essential to know well. By using our services, your project in Switzerland will be totally mastered, both in the implementation and in the local aspects related to franchising.

Access to a strong Swiss franchise ecosystem

Geomarketing, fiduciary, business plan... Each franchise project requires the intervention of several experts. Our local knowledge and experience allow us to offer the best franchise experts in Switzerland.

Marketing adapted to the Swiss market

Your brand, content, communications and marketing are tailored to the local market for greater effectiveness.

Profiles of qualified franchisees for your development

The relationships we have built up in the Swiss Franchise network and the various events we organise enable us to recruit qualified candidates for your brand.

Development of your franchise concept in Switzerland

You strengthen your presence in Switzerland through a franchise network. You are supported in the launch phase of your network (feasibility audit, modelling and operating manual, development guide, legal support, business model, development strategy, etc.)

Supporting the management of your franchise network

You outsource the development and animation of your network.
We are recruiting on your behalf the head of the franchise network in charge of the management of your brand in Switzerland.

Financement de votre franchise en Suisse

Nous recherchons pour vous des solutions de financement pour la mise en place de votre franchise. Nous avons sélectionné des spécialistes du financement qui seront en mesure de vous proposer des solutions adaptées à votre projet.

Meet our experts

Franchising, recruitment, digital... each expert has a speciality that will meet your expectations.
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Laure Limousin ▪ Experte Franchise
Laure Limousin ▪ Franchise Expert
Estelle Limousin ▪ Franchise Expert
Estelle Limousin ▪ Franchise Expert

Our partners

Company creation, setting up a business plan, legal advice... In order to provide you with the best possible advice, we have selected the best franchise partners in Switzerland


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